Best Baby Car Seat Protector Mats For Your Vehicle

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Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat, Black
Summer Infant DuoMat
Baby Car Seat Protector Mats
Rear Facing Fold
Vehicle Baby Car seat protector.
Forward Facing
Summer Infant Car Seat Protecter Mat
Rear Facing

Summer Infant DuoMat for Car Seat, Black

When using a baby car seat in your vehicle you are likely to get damaging scratches and marks on your car seat upholstry by the child car seat.

Thank goodness they have manufactured some car seat protector mats for your vehicle's back seat.

The Summer Infant DuoMat is one of the more popular seat protectors available for your vehicle.

Feature Summary:

  • This car seat protector is durable, easy-to-clean and works with both forward-facing and rear-facing car seats.
  • Crash tested to stay in place in the event of an accident.
  • Custom super grip vinyl front prevents your baby's car seat from slipping while the anchoring wedge and non-skid material on back keeps the mat safely in place.
  • Made from durable waterproof material.
  • Mat has three mesh storage pockets for keeping drinks, snacks and toys organized and within reach.
  • The Summer Infant DuoMat for car seats can be used with infant seats, convertible car seats and high-back boosters.
  • Mat is easy to install and side slots allow for easy access to your car's LATCH anchors and seat belts.
  • One-piech design.
  • Style/Color: Black
  • Some consumers have had this mat leave black marks on their seats from the mat backing. Other users of the product have had no problem. One interesting comment was that baby wipes are good to use to clean leather seats.


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